About My Musings

I’m an actress and a writer who lives fully, feels deeply and loves madly. I’m fascinated by the human condition and muse about all things interpersonal.

1) CHIC CHAT isn’t just for chicks. Men can learn a lot from the female perspective and I share it willingly. Plus, things can sometimes get a little dirty.

2) RELATIONSHIP REWIND is a mix tape of my sexiest suitors and heartbreaks. Hopefully we can learn a little something together as I rewind through my greatest loves. I’ve given my stars aliases to protect their anonymity and make the experience more ubiquitous.

For Candor’s Sake: I have a lot to say and I want to say it as authentically and honestly as possible. Therefore, I’m not censoring myself with this blog, which means it may just offend. Sometimes I read posts I wrote from a while back and offend myself. Thank Goddess for personal evolution. If you start to get annoyed, then either stop reading or leave me a comment. I’d love to hear your opinion and start a dialogue. Let’s get feisty.

I’ve written 5 books and several award-winning short stories published in prestigious literary journals. You can read and listen to me perform my short short story, The Butterfly Moth, published in Five 2 One Magazine here. And I’ve started my own publishing imprint: Transformind BooksTransformind Books publishes transformative works of all genres, as long as they are world rocking. If you have a transformative book to share with the world, send me a query.